True entropy is really hard to come by these days. There are few ways more efficient than having a cat walk over a keyboard. So we built this app.

How does this work

When you click the generate button, a request gets sent to our feline-entropy specialist who connects a keyboard to a Docker-ready environment. Our cat is placed in close proximity to said keyboard, we capture the keystrokes, and send them back for a truly random password.

What this app does for you

We have a cat and some coding skills, so we made a server that uses our cat as an entropy device, and generates a cryptographically secure password for you.

We believe strong passwords are a necessity, so we are offering this application, and the infrastructure to host and feed our cat Melian, to you, for free.

You are welcome.

Generate a password

“This is a meow-nificent service. 9/9 would recommend.” early adopter

“All my passwords were the same until I found this site.”
— Bark-bark limited


How do you pronounce your cat’s name?
Sindarin IPA: ['meljan]. It comes from the Lord of the Rings universe.
Do you store any of the generated passwords?
No. Even if I tried, my cat would bite me. So we don’t risk it.
Can this app generate the same password twice?
Yes. Studies have shown that a cat’s memory spans a couple of weeks. So if you are in said timeframe, you can rest assured that she’ll not generate the same password twice.
Is your cat biased towards certain letters?
Sadly, yes. We tested and with a σ² < 0.001, we can say that she preferred the letter f.
Is it safe to send passwords over the internet?
No. But we are encrypting the passwords before sending them through “the wire” with a PSK of catcatcat.
Why is this page also in Catalan?
Funny story. To have a .cat domain, as it is a sponsored domain, we need to highlight the Catalan language.

This is a joke

Feel free to use these passwords as your own, but they were not generated by those adorable paws.